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Not so long ago Tiger Solo Ads Plus was a popular Text Ad Exchange. But when the LFMVM script came out, I just knew I had to make the change for my members! But your NOT going to find your average Cookie Cutter Viral Mailer here!

I take HUGE pride in bringing my members the best possible design, optimized to make getting around our site, quick and efficiently. Along with what's MOST IMPORTANT and that's RESULTS! I have several strategies in place that will keep a clean and ACTIVE list! As an active admin, I'm always looking for unique ways to help my members get their messages deliver, With our NEW script, NEW STRATEGIES and a NEW look I'll be able to do that!

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Package: Free JV
FREE $ 4.99 /MO
Send Mailing: 72hrs 24hrs
Monthly Credits: 500 10,000
Credits Per Click: 10 30
Surf Timer: 10 sec 8 sec
Monthly Banner Imps: 0 1,000
Monthly Text Imps: 0 1,000
Schedule Mailings: 2 days 7 days
Referral Signup bonus: 0 7 cents
Commissions Percent: 10% 30%
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